Crowdynews takes international media by storm

The Dutch company Crowdynews is in the midst of a global breakthrough. The scroll menu developed by the Groningen-based company for websites in which tweets related to the accompanying news article are displayed is already found on the sites of 250 American newspapers, including the Washington Times and Chicago Herald and the Russian newspaper Gazeta.

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Founder Edwin Kuipers is currently holding talks with other major clients such as the Spanish newspaper El Pais, which is also planning to integrate the Dutch invention in its website. The principle of Crowdynews is as effective as it is simple, says Kuipers. 'About 200 million Twitter messages are sent worldwide every day. Crowdynews selects from all those tweets precisely the messages that are relevant to a certain online news article.' That way the fast, unverified Twitter news is combined with the reports that have been balanced. 'The two media thus reinforce each other and present a solution to their respective shortcomings', explains Kuipers, referring to the fact that regular newspapers are barely able to keep pace with the speed of Twitter, but cannot use it as a reliable source either.

The technology behind Crowdynews has been worked on for many years. If Kuipers is to be believed, as long as 'about ten man-years'. That has resulted in what is now a highly reliable system. 'A careful selection is made of which tweets are and which are not included in the carrousel'.

Source: Dagblad van het Noorden via Newsletter NV NOM, February 2013