The Netherlands leads Europe in internet access and usage

In Holland, 95% of households have access to the internet, the highest score in the European Union.

Strong broadband connectivity

A new report by Eurostat also reveals that 83% of Dutch households used the internet on a daily basis in 2013. Only Finnish households used the internet more often (84%). Other active internet users were the citizens of Luxembourg (82%), Sweden (81%), Finland (80%) and the United Kingdom (78%). Surfing the internet in Holland is enabled by strong broadband connectivity. The Netherlands ranked third behind Finland and Denmark for connectivity, followed by Sweden, the UK and Germany. The Dutch are also avid users of e-government services. More than half of all individuals in Denmark (85%), the Netherlands (79%), Sweden (78%), Finland (69%), France (60%), Luxembourg (56%), Austria (54%) and Slovenia (52%) reported in 2013 that they have used the internet to contact or interact with public authorities and services.

Source: Eurostat