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New year, new website!

As of 4 January 2016, the website has become, a promotional platform to stimulate ...

News item | 04-01-2016 | 09:00

Dutch digital delta: an international testing ground for ICT

The dutch digital delta aims to turn the Netherlands into a fertile testing and development environment for international ...

News item | 24-12-2015 | 09:23

16% renewable energy by 2023 within reach

The objective of the Dutch government to generate 16% renewable energy by 2023 is expected to be achieved according to the ...

News item | 24-11-2015 | 13:42

Dutch goals for UN Climate Summit COP21

How does the Netherlands take action against Climate Change?

News item | 13-11-2015 | 12:05

YES!Delft startup Goodhout wins Accenture Innovation Award

Dutch sustainable startup Goodhout, became one of the winners of this year’s Accenture Innovation Award in the categories energy ...

News item | 09-11-2015 | 12:13

New bio-based economy centre-of-excellence (BIC-ON)

The Netherlands is to gain a new bio-based economy cluster at a new centre-of-excellence based in the East of the country.

News item | 30-06-2014 | 00:00

World Hockey Cup played on recyclable Dutch turf

The World Hockey Cup in The Hague in June is being played on sustainable, fully recyclable turf made in Holland.

News item | 28-05-2014 | 00:00

All Dutch trains will run on wind by 2018

Next year, half of Holland’s trains will be running on wind power and by 2018, all train journeys in the Netherlands will be ...

News item | 16-05-2014 | 00:00

Amsterdam and Cisco cooperate on Smart City ecosystem

Amsterdam has signed an agreement with Cisco, to develop long-term strategies in the areas of sustainability and the ‘Internet of ...

News item | 30-04-2014 | 00:00

Eindhoven introduces smart LED lighting system

Eindhoven activated a smart LED city lighting system that goes on only when it is needed. The system saves energy, reduces CO2 ...

News item | 18-03-2014 | 00:00