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Dutch Technology Creates a Smart Home Away From Home

Dutch Technology Creates a Smart Home Away From Home

News item | 05-09-2016 | 11:20

Tocardo To Test Turbines In Bay Of Fundy

Tocardo To Test Turbines In Bay Of Fundy

News item | 02-09-2016 | 10:00

Dutch Award DONG Energy Offshore Wind Farms Project

The ‘Green Light’ was given to the Netherlands’ offshore wind farms project Borssele 1 and 2. Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs ...

News item | 07-07-2016 | 10:08

Wind Turbines Assembled by Climbing Crane

Dutch wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey develops the world’s first climbing crane.

News item | 23-06-2016 | 09:49

Solving Global Problems Through Science & Technology

TU Delft Global Initiative in Holland recently started a project to solve urgent social problems in Africa.

News item | 07-06-2016 | 16:27

Dutch Students Develop Hydrogen-powered Race Car

Students from Holland’s Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) developed the world’s first Le Mans Prototype 3 (LMP3) race car ...

News item | 10-05-2016 | 15:11

Amillarah Private Islands

Amillarah Private Islands

News item | 06-05-2016 | 00:00

Getting The Best Out Of The Worst

Dutch engineers developed a way to energize the tide through the Oosterschelde barrier. In 2015 Torcado installed 5 turbines ...

News item | 27-04-2016 | 13:54

Dutch Public Transport Shifts to Emissions-Free Vehicles

The Dutch government and public transportation operators in Holland have agreed to switch to zero-emission buses by 2025.

News item | 25-04-2016 | 16:35

Dutch students develop car powered by formic acid

Students from Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) managed to power a small-scale car using formic acid.

News item | 27-01-2016 | 13:34