Major Breakthrough In Production Of Meat Replacements

Looking for a convincing plant-based alternative to meat? Happy days are just around the corner with a major breakthrough in the production of meat replacements. Now multinationals like Unilever are joining the market. Wageningen University made this announcement to Dutch news broadcaster NOS.

Meat and meat replacements on the barbecue

Meat and meat replacements on the barbecue

Sustainable and nutricious

The Dutch university conducts global research in the field of food production. In the next 4 years, Wageningen will work with 10 prominent companies to market new meat replacements. The aim is to create a truly sustainable, nutritious and tasty alternative to meat. The research partners are confident that the lab-generated meat can rival the taste of steak.

Besides Unilever, Wageningen also partners with Givaudan, the world’s biggest taste enhancement company and with Dutch abattoir machinery maker Meyn Food Processing.

Plant-based steak

Two years ago, Wageningen University were the first to develop a technique to produce a plant-based steak with a meat-like texture. This technique will be improved now multinationals have joined the programme.

Most meat replacements on the market today have a chicken or minced meat type structure. According to the university, the texture of other ‘meats’ can be created with their technology, like pork or steak.

The partners in the research programme aim to have the first tasty plant-based steak in shops next year.