Dutch Cuisine Meets ‘Eataly’ Demonstrates Future Of Food

Holland and Italy have always had strong cultural ties and are long standing trading partners. Dutch companies are increasingly finding their way to the Italian peninsula. One of the cutting edge Dutch sectors Italy focuses on is food innovation.

Dutch king and Queen taste Dutch Cuisine Meets Eataly

Dutch king and Queen taste Dutch Cuisine Meets Eataly

The Dutch king and queen made a state visit to Italy in June 2017. A Dutch trade mission of various Dutch companies joined them. The Royal Couple had the opportunity to participate in the cooking event ‘Dutch Cuisine meets Eataly’, arranged by food organisation Dutch Cuisine.

Future of food

While it’s true that Italian cuisine is much loved around the world, the Dutch were able to demonstrate their gourmandise talents, too. Master chef and Dutch Cuisine ambassador, Angélique Schmeinck, and Michelin chef, Viviana Varese, offered King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima their vision on the future of food.

During this special event, the two top chefs showed their expertise in fine dining by preparing a three course meal showcasing  the best in Dutch and Italian cuisine – each dish prepared with biological, seasonal products from both countries.

Local, healthy and tasty

Holland and Italy share a lively agricultural sector, which allows access to products which are good for our health as well as for the environment. Both countries invest heavily in healthy sustainable foods and retain a good knowledge of nutrition, resulting in a longer and happier life, that includes less waste, lower costs, and increased animal welfare.

Dutch Cuisine involves continual investment in innovative agricultural production chains and inspiring chefs. It also aims to change consumer eating habits, by showing them we can invest in our future by creating more local, healthy and tasty meals.

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