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Total area

41,543 km²


33,880 km²


7,645 km²

Geographical position

Western Europe
Between 53°33'22'' and 50°45'4'' latitude North
Between 3°21'30" and 7°13'42" longitude East

Highest point

 Vaalserberg (Limburg), 322 m
Lowest point

Zuidplaspolder (Zuid Holland) -6,74 m

 Climate  Temperate maritime

Map of the Netherlands

the Netherlands


   Value  Year



Population per km 2 of land



Increase in population



Average life expectancy: men

79.7 years


Average life expectancy: women

83.1 years

Immigration (total)  204,615  2015
Emigration (total)  149.509  2015

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Population by age in the Netherlands 2016
Population by agePercentage
0-19 years22.7%
20-39 years24.5%
40-64 years35.1%
65-79 years13.4%
80 years and older4.3%
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Dutch School attendance (full-time education) per type 2013
School attendanceNumber of students
Primary education1586200
General secondary education974400
Vocational education495200
Higher vocational education439700
Universities and other248300
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