MasterPeace inspires global peace initiatives

What can you do to change the world? That’s the question behind the award-winning MasterPeace movement set up in 2011 by Dutch entrepreneur Ilco van der Linde. Since then the movement has mobilised people in over 40 countries around the world to start their own initiatives promoting peace.


Peace education

MasterPeace’s is a more than just a digital platform for peace initiatives, from its regional offices in Utrecht, Cairo, and Mexico City, it organises global and local events, innovative campaigning, leadership trainings and capacity building events. It encourages ordinary people to stand up and use their talents to bring people together through music, the arts, sports and dialogue thus creating a more sustainable planet with less (armed) conflict. The movement believes that peace-making should not just be left up to world leaders and that every single person can play a role. The organisation does not take sides, rather it encourages dialogue, cultural understanding, peace education, disarmament and non-violent solutions to armed conflict.

Walls of connection

Wars are often the result of underdevelopment and are increasingly ignited by the effects of global warming as resources in poverty-stricken regions become even more scarce. That is why the movement embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. MasterPeace wants to turn the tide of escalating violence, by showing not so much the way to peace, but that peace is the way. Its credo is to put “Music above fighting Dialogue above judgment, Bread above bombs, Creation above destruction.” At a time when world leaders are threatening to build more walls, MasterPeace has called for people to create Walls of Connection.

United Nations

It’s one of the few charities to state: “We don’t want your money. We don’t want your guilt.” MasterPeace is about empowering communities and bringing people together, emphasising the importance of humanity to set aside all differences and work together to strive for global peace.

In 2013, Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-moon awarded MasterPeace the ‘innovation in peace building’ on behalf of the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA).

Be a Nelson

In his book, Be A Nelson, Ilco van der Linde has compiled 23 portraits of change-makers across the globe who work to improve the situation of communities in conflict areas. Among them are social entrepreneurs, volunteers, bloggers, journalists, media, musicians, businesses and active citizens. 21 September is the International Day of Peace what will you be doing to make the world a better place?