Solar-Power Cycle Lane

To stimulate resiliency in densely populated areas, an intelligent and multi-purpose approach is required. The Dutch innovation SolaRoad allows cities to grow and increase its transport networks in a climate-friendly way. The cycle lane absorbs sunlight via solar cells and converts it into electricity, working, in effect like a giant solar panel. A unique concept.

SolaRoad Netherlands

Cyling on the first Dutch solar power cycle lane

Multi-purpose approach

SolaRoad is produced as pre-fabricated slabs. These slabs have a translucent tempered-glass top layer that must be skid resistant and yet strong enough to provide a stable pavement surface. The electricity generated finds practical applications in street lighting, but can also be transferred to households and charging stations for electric cars.

Foreign interest

The city of Cancun’s consideration to implement this technology, after visiting the lane in the Netherlands, proves that this concept is gaining momentum across the world.

The project is a joint initiative of the province of North Holland, road construction company Ooms Civiel, technical services provider Imtech and research institute TNO.