Vehicle2Grid - Smart Energy Network

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology enables electric cars to be used as (temporary) batteries, for example to power households. It is an inspiring, multi-purpose approach to store and consume locally generated energy.


Electric Vehicle connected to a Vehicle2Grid charging-/storage-device

In the search for sustainable alternatives to traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources, the Dutch have developed an unusual intelligent energy solution: a smart, localized electricity network that enables residents to store locally produced energy in the battery of their electric vehicle (EV).

Supply and demand

Local residents can decide how to put their green energy to best use according to the demand. The energy can be transferred to the energy grid, consumed immediately, or stored in an EV battery. The stored energy can be used to charge and drive the car, or to power household appliances.

Cost-effective and sustainable

This approach - named Vehicle2Grid - makes it possible for households to manage their own energy supply, making it cost-effective and sustainable.

Although this innovative project originated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the goal is to implement this scheme nationwide and share it with the world.