Pioneering Spirit: World’s largest maritime vessel

Measuring 382 x 124 meters, Pioneering Spirit is the world's largest vessel.

Crane ship Pioneering Spirit

Crane ship the Pioneering Spirit

Unique lifting system

The ship uses a unique lifting system to install and remove offshore oil and gas platforms. It can also be used to install subsea oil and gas pipelines. The removal of jackets by conventional means requires them to be cut up into small sections suitable for crane lifts, requiring lengthy and complex subsea operations.

Pioneering Spirit, by the Allseas Group,  can remove large jackets weighing up to 25,000 tonnes in a single lift, limiting subsea work to the foundation piles. This increases the economic value of removed topsides and jackets because they remain intact, driving down conversion and refurbishment costs for re-use. Complete platform topsides, up to a weight of 48,000 tonnes, can be installed in one piece, generating significant field development cost savings.

Furthermore, large jackets can be installed without the need for launching, saving on the structural steel used in launch runners. By utilizing her large lifting capacity, Pioneering Spirit will considerably reduce the amount of offshore work associated with platform installation and decommissioning, shifting the work onshore where it is safer and more cost effective.