Glowing Lines: Locally Generated Energy Security

How can driving on a road be made a more safe, sustainable and pleasurable experience? Dutch infrastructure engineering firm Heijmans and industrial designer Daan Roosegaarde have addressed this challenge with their Glowing Lines project – one of many designs under the Smart Highway programme.

Glowing Lines

Glowing Lines road near Oss, the Netherlands

Partnership between Heijmans and Studio Roosegaarde

The Glowing Lines consist of a special type of paint that absorbs light during the day and glow at night, marking out the edges of traffic lanes and roadsides. This increases visibility and safety, especially in rural areas. The Glowing Lines can be experienced every night on the N329 roadway in Oss, in the Netherlands, and the experience has been likened to ‘driving through a wonderland’. In the future it is expected that graphical weather information, such as black ice warnings, could also be incorporated into the road surface in the same way, thus improving safety for road users.