Ecoliner - Europe's Greenest Shipping Tanker

Dutch shipyard Damen has developed the first LNG-powered Ecoliner for Europe’s inland waterways. By combining proven engineering with sustainable innovations the new vessel cuts fuel costs by up to 25% and reduces emissions.


Ecoliner - Europe's Greenest Shipping Tanker

The Romanian-built shipping tanker was launched a few years ago. It contains the world’s first ACES Air-Lubricated Hull, a gas-electrical shaft propulsion system and one of the first Van der Velden FLEX Tunnel installations. It has a power management system ensuring its 4x LNG fuelled generator provides optimum engine loads and reduced fuel consumption both up and downstream.

The Ecoliner’s efficient gas-electrical propulsion system not only reduces operational costs, the LNG fuel it uses also reduces CO2, SOX, NOX and particulate emissions. The ACES air-lubrication system lowers the surface area of the ship’s hull in contact with the water, thus bringing down the resistance or drag by 15%. All these innovations make the Ecoliner Europe’s greenest inland shipping tanker.

Rhine-Main-Danube project

Even the crew  feels the benefit of the waste heat recovery system, which heats or cools both the cargo and the accommodation. The new design was tested extensively at research institute MARIN. The project has been co-financed by the European Union to the tune of €1.1 million as part of the LNG Masterplan for Rhine-Main-Danube project to make inland shipping greener.

The Port of Rotterdam is a major hub for heavy cargo entering Europe’s hinterland. Cargo shipping companies are faced with huge challenges to bring down emissions which are causing rising water levels, extreme floods and droughts across the globe. With the Ecoliner Damen Shipyards has taken up the gauntlet to help halt the increase of greenhouse gases which are the main causes of climate change.