On Track With Green Mobility

Smart Mobility is a theme of global proportions. Half of the world population lives in megacities and this share increases every year. In all densely populated metropolitan areas, mobility, in logical tandem with the quality of life, is one of the most important issues in today’s society.

Throughout the world, Smart Mobility is the object of turbulent development. In Europe, the topic has been high on the innovation agenda for many years, and the European Commission provides incentives for research and development and application projects. The Netherlands offers (international) entrepreneurs and start-ups the opportunity and incentive to develop innovative technologies. Holland is a densely populated transport hub with an infrastructure and an innovation climate that rank among the best of the world. The Netherlands has an extensive, high-quality road system in urban areas. In addition, the country is the home turf of a number of prestigious knowledge clusters in the automotive, technology and high-tech industry. Furthermore, the Netherlands is characterized by a culture of open networks and intensive cooperation, and has the highest percentage of mobile Internet users in the world. The Netherlands means business when it comes to Smart Mobility; not just to promote domestic development, but to take the lead in developing pioneering initiatives.