Protecting the Dutch Delta: Delta works

As a low-lying country in a delta, the Netherlands had to cope with the damaging effects of nature.

‘The sustainable urban delta requires continuous and subtle adaptation to nature’

As a country situated in a low-lying delta, the Netherlands has often had to cope with the often-unpredictable forces of nature. Despite extensive measures for protection against the threat of flooding from the sea and rivers, the Netherlands, throughout its history, has suffered from some catastrophic floods. One of the most recent of these, which occurred in 1953, resulted in the deaths of more than 1800 people, with many more homeless. To prevent such disasters from recurring, the Delta Works flood-protection barriers were constructed: one of the most impressive engineering structures in the world. The Delta Works enabled the Dutch to safely re-establish its centuries old relationship with water as the primary source of their fertile land, healthy food supply, and sustainable energy generation.

Dike repairs

A layer of sand-asphalt is applied to the crown of a dike.

Aerial photo of dike breach in 1953

Aerial photo of dike breach in 1953

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