Creating new land in the sea: Maasvlakte ll

In response to an increase in containerized cargo traffic, much of it containers of goods from China*, the Port of Rotterdam came up with a typically Dutch solution: gaining land from the sea

Seaward extension of the Port of Rotterdam

From the Middle Ages onwards, the Dutch have reclaimed and defended land from the sea. When more land was needed to expand the economy, new land was created that had not existed before – the world-renowned low-lying ‘polders’. Today, the Maasvlakte II is the Netherlands’ most outstanding achievement in this field. At the mouth of the River Maas and immediately adjacent to the Port of Rotterdam and deep sea water, an entirely new domain of container trans-shipment, distribution, and chemical industry has been constructed in order to provide the port with the necessary possibilities to expand its operations and flourish.

* A quarter of all China’s global container traffic is landed at the Port of Rotterdam from where much of it is transported throughout the rest of Europe.

Maasvlakte II terminal under construction

At the Port of Rotterdam, the government is building the Maasvlakte II - (Second Maas Area), a seaward extension of the harbor area.

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