BoxBarrier – Effective Sustainable Flood Protection

The BoxBarrier is a temporary flood defence system that protects people, property and vital infrastructure from water deluge. Excessive rain, violent storms, melting snow, high tides - not to mention tempestuous combinations of these natural phenomena - all pose a threat to flood defences already in place.


Designed by the Dutch, the world’s undisputed water-management champions, the BoxBarrier is a perfect answer to the problem of incidental and seasonal flooding.

Award winning

The Dutch are well known for their knowledge and water solutions. At the Delft University of Technology Flood-Proof Holland is an area where they simulate flooding and solutions. The BoxBarrier is one of the innovative  products at Flood-Proof Holland bringing delegations from around the world to see. The Royal Netherlands Army Regiment of Engineers awarded BoxBarrier its innovation prize for the system’s originality and design

How it works

BoxBarrier raises the sides of the river during high water, minimalizing damage for infrastructure, houses during flooding. 

It is already a proven innovation, quick to deploy and exceedingly effective. Comprising of robust plastic container filled with water that are seamlessly joined together using a coupling piece. Over one hundred meters of temporary flood defence can be erected by just three people in under an hour. The BoxBarrier can be deployed on any sub-surface. The Barrier will protect people and property from excess water heights of up to 60 centimetre.


The BoxBarrier has several significant advantages over its more traditional counterpart, the sandbag. It is 70% less labour intensive, 500% quicker to deploy and weighed down using the ubiquitous water it is designed to keep at bay rather than sand, which is not generally available on site. What’s more, the BoxBarrier flood-protection  system is cheaper and more versatile than any alternative.