Dutch Bioinformatics Company Omnigen Improving Survival Rate of Cancer Patients

Omnigen is a Dutch  bioinformatics company specializing in the data analysis of personal genetics. In a project on pancreatic cancer, Omnigen will be taking charge of the development of software systems to carry out personal screening to determine the most effective treatment for cases of pancreatic cancer. The resulting iMedFrame will lead to improvements in the survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients.

Better treatments and better survival rates

Present-day treatments for pancreas cancer can be greatly burdening for patients, without the desired or, for that matter, any outcome at all. It is this mismatch between the objective and the result that prompted Professor Caspar van Eijk, a surgeon with the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to seek collaboration with Omnigen. A third party, Noraybio Software, in Spain, is also working together with Omnigen and the Erasmus MC.

Funding for research

Research will be done together with doctors, scientists and patient groups. Omnigen announced the receipt of a Eurostars grant for the project in May 2017. The project welcomes interest from investors.