ViVi: Greenhouse in a bag

Dutch company ViVi has come up with an inventive way of growing vegetables on a large scale using a minimum of space – miniature greenhouses. The company developed miniature greenhouses which can be stacked in warehouses. The highly efficient, automated greenhouses ensures the Netherlands of its place as one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world.

ViVi Greenhouse in a bag

ViVi's greenhouse in a bag

ViVi developed their Greenhouse In A Bag so anybody can grow agricultural products without any expert knowledge, in any environment. The products come in a semi-closed package which have to be placed under LED-lights. The growing process is fully automated, keeping the labor costs to a minimum. The closed container removes the chance that the vegetables will be contaminated. The packages are sealed in a protected environment. Water and fertilizer are added during the sealing process, making additional watering and fertilization during the growth process not necessary. Pest control is not required either because of the way the containers are sealed.

Diverse techniques

ViVi develops growing methods for tissue culture, breeders and companies that produce fresh produce. Within these areas the ViVi system can be used for both research and development purposes as well as commercial production. The Dutch company has 3 divisions, each with their own specialty: ViViPak, ViViLab and ViViTec.


The ViViPak container is at the heart of the process. These mini-greenhouses are sealed with a semi-permeable foil which controls the levels of humidity, CO2 and growth minerals.


ViViLab is responsible for the development of growth protocols. It tests specific growth experiments depending on the customer’s requirements.


ViViTec is behind the technique which ensures that the vegetables grow once they are in the sealed container.

Not only are ViVi’s growing methods highly reliable, they are also sustainable and efficient.