Transforming the Deserts: Groasis Growboxx

Resource-efficient watering solutions for arid regions. Due to the on-going consequences of climate change, conditions such as heat stresses and long periods of drought are likely to occur more widely and more often. During such events, both the high temperatures and water scarcity will adversely affect a region’s flora and fauna: in some cases with catastrophic consequences.

Challenging climates

In order to address this issue, the Groasis Growboxx® enables plants and trees to survive in challenging climates without using groundwater or electricity. By storing rainwater, and by producing and (re-)collecting water from condensation, the Groasis Waterboxx doses the collected water over an extended period, giving the plant a better chance of establishing itself. This resource-efficient technology uses 90 per cent less water than drip irrigation.

National Icon

The Growboxx® has won the title National Icon 2016 together with two other innovative  projects. The inventor  Pieter Hoff  calls it an ‘intelligent bucket’ as each box can be used to grow a fruit tree surrounded by vegetables . Once the tree has taken root, it can use groundwater. While the vegetable plants continue to receive doses of water.  The original design was made from plastic but the latest model is made from recycled egg boxes and is completely biologically degradable.

Trade missions

The Growboxx is currently being used in 31 countries. Mexico has ordered 1 million of the boxes for a large-scale project in that country. In the coming  two years, Groasis will be assisted by the Ministry of Economic  Affairs to expand its business. The company will join trade missions, state visits and trade fairs. It will also receive financial and practical assistance to increase its network and its business.

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Groasis Waterboxx

Every 5 minutes a giant truck from Minera Cupa, Spain passes loaded with rocks that are replanted with biodegradable waterboxxes.