Sustainable Hamburgers Made From….. Crickets?!

Hamburgers, soy burgers, vegan burgers… burgers? Dutch company De Krekerij reckons that using insects as a meat substitute is a solution toward creating a circular planet.

Cricket burger

Cricket burger

Alternative protein source

Insect-based products are one of the more useful meat substitutes, with the advantages of vegan and nutritious value of meat. Also, cultivating insects is more sustainable. For instance, 1 kilo cricket meat uses 85% less food, 90% less land and 95% less water compared to 1 kilo of beef.

Meat is an important food source for protein. Historically, 40% of our protein intake came from meat and the rest from other vegetable food sources. Nowadays, these figures are reversed. “We have to return to the old ratio”, says Sander Peltenburg – co-founder of De Krekerij. This is important because the meat industry cannot keep up with the growing demand. That is why finding alternative protein sources, like insects, is important.

Cricket burgers

With the cricket burgers, Dutch company De Krekerij gives sustenance to the protein transition, a shift from less meat and more vegetable consumption and production. The burgers are made from 30% cricket powder and 70% vegetable food substances, like wheat and green beans.

Initially, De Krekerij imported their powder from Thailand. Later on, they started their own cricket farm, which makes the product even more sustainable through the shortening of the supply chain between the raw materials and production.

Circular burger

Manufacturing the cricket powder is a circular process. The company uses agricultural residue, like discarded lettuce, to feed the insects. The manure and sawdust the crickets produce, is used to fertilize agricultural land.

Unlike other meatless products, the De Krekerij hamburgers do not need extra sugar and flavoring additives. It is a pure product, making it arguably the most sustainable fast food on the planet.