Seamore: Turning Seaweed Into an Every Day Food Source

Dutch food company Seamore has made it its mission to make seaweed part of our daily diet and make it a sustainable alternative to the foods we love. Their product line currently consist of seaweed pasta and seaweed bacon.

Plate of seaweed tagliatelle

Willem Sodderland – founder of Seamore - came up with the idea by accident, when he mistook seaweed for pasta while on a holiday. Cleverly branded as ‘I Sea Pasta’, he started selling seaweed that you can cook as pasta. Foodies from all over the world picked it up and created dishes like the ‘I Sea Bolognese’. Another type of seaweed can be crisped up like bacon when fried: ‘I Sea Bacon’.

Seaweed is one of the world’s largest untapped source of healthy and sustainable foods. Seamore uses the Himanthalia Elongata variety for their pasta. This type of seaweed has a growth cycle of 2 years and the company harvests the seaweed only between April and July in order to get the best quality. Seamore exclusively harvests small parts of bays in France and Ireland to preserve the local ecosystem.

What makes it special?

Seaweed is sold all over the world. What makes Seamore’s seaweed so special, is, local fishermen in France and Ireland cut just 15% of the available produce during a 4 month period per year and only in small parts of the French and Irish bays. Yet, the company still manages to sell their product 10%-60% cheaper than their competitors’. The company uses drones to keep track of the seaweed, this way they know when it is the right time to harvest.

As mentioned above, the seaweed is harvested in a specific part of the bay, this makes it possible to let consumers keep track of the growth process of the produce they have ordered.

Tasty food

In addition to the ‘I Sea Bolognese’, Seamore offers many other seaweed-based dishes on their website like:

Seamore encourages their customers to share their homemade dishes through social media and uses its own social platforms to share everything from marketing materials to recipes.