Basic water needs: Safe drinking water for everyone

In terms of water and food supply, simple and easily applicable solutions can make a huge difference for local communities. To provide access to safe drinking water for even the world's most underdeveloped areas, Basic Water Needs (BWN) produces water filters for people and communities worldwide.

Tulp technology

The filter system offers an efficient, sustainable and affordable solution for access to safe drinking water that can be implemented by individuals and households. The product is straightforward and simple to use. A high quality filter element that removes 99.995% of harmful bacteria can turn turbid, muddy and highly contaminated water into clear and clean drinking water. This helps to combat water-borne diseases and illnesses such as cholera, diarrhoea, typhus, cryptosporidiosis and schistomiasis. Water can also be stored for a sustained period without risk of further contamination. Many of BWN’s international agents import the filter components and assemble them into water filters within their own countries, thus saving costs and stimulating the local economy.

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Basic Water Needs: Safe drinking water solutions