Pluckr: Sensitive soft-fruit and berry processing

To safeguard the supply of high-quality fruits and to open up new product marketing niches, Dutch companies TOP b.v. and JFPT Food Life have developed the automated grape-picking technology 'Pluckr'.

Grapes processed by Pluckr

Grapes processed by Pluckr

Increased consumer choice and reduced food wastage

This revolutionary and patented processing technology makes it possible to shake grapes and berries loose from their stems for easier packing and snacking, without damaging the fruits. Picking and selecting grapes and berries by hand is time and labour intensive, making it relatively cost-inefficient. This Dutch innovation increases productivity by up to 300-600 kilograms per hour. Repackaging and re-presenting traditional products in new ways, making them appealing for snacking or small-scale purchase, has opened up new market niches for food retailers. The consumer can buy fruits in small quantities more suited to their demands. In combination with packaging technology - AMAP (Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging) - shelf life can also be extended to 3-4 weeks. Increased consumer choice and reduced food wastage, are key benefits.

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Pluckr, the patented automatic grape picking technology