Pasteur Smart Sensor Tag: Data for food safety

In food production, firms and consumers are continually faced with challenges around food safety. The Pasteur Smart Sensor Tag is used in food logistics to record data that affects food quality.

NXP Semiconductors & Wageningen UR Food & Bio-based Research

The Pasteur Smart sensor tag records geographical origin, handling processes, storage, and transportation data covering parameters, such as temperature and air conditions, to accurately monitor the condition of the food product. The sensor was developed by NXP Semiconductors and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research and based on one of NXP Semiconductors' earlier sensor tag designs. The sensor tag data and models for various food types enable accurate predictions to be made about food quality and remaining shelf life. This not only promotes food safety for consumers due to the reduced chance of food turning bad, but also reduces food waste and improves supply-chain management for the food producers.

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