Nutri-Pulse e-Cooker: More nutrition with less energy

Preparing food safely and in an energy-efficient manner, without compromising nutritional value, is challenge. The Nutri-Pulse e-Cooker employs pulsed electric field (PEF) technology to cook food in a new way.


‘E-Cooking’ helps to retain the original nutrients in meat, fish, vegetables and other types of food. In addition, it preserves original flavour, structure and colour. The Nutri-Pulse e-Cooker is easy to set up and in use and it is compact enough for use in household kitchens. It operates by pulsing the food with electric fields that alter the structure of meat, fish, or vegetables. The cells of the foodstuffs are disrupted and the cell walls become permeable, thus allowing the food to cook homogenously and rapidly whilst remaining easily digestible. As a result, long-term heating at temperatures over 100ºC is no longer required. This not only retains much of the nutritional value that is traditionally lost in conventional cooking, but the food also tastes and looks better. Due to the fact that cooking is accomplished in only a few minutes at lower temperatures the process consumes very little energy. It also avoids the possibility of overcooking food and therefore can help reduce food waste through spoilage.

Science in the lab

The development of the Nutri-Pulse E-Cooker in the lab

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