Multilayer Growing System: Certhon

Technology for future food security

The steadily increasing global population, climate change, and urbanisation, are all putting considerable pressure on food supply. Quality, quantity and physical location of food production are becoming increasingly important. Certhon has developed a multi-layer growing system and production growth chambers in which crop cultivation takes place in a fully controlled climate, without natural sunlight. The enclosed ‘eco-system’ features integrated cooling and heating installations, irrigation, ventilation systems, internal transportation, LED lighting and the possibility to cultivate on multiple levels, and a turnkey ICT system. The system creates a 24/365 optimal growing environment: as climate conditions can be matched exactly to specific crops, the system improves product quality and increases yield. The enclosed system is also more energy efficient as surplus heat can be used to heat the greenhouses when necessary, the multiple growing layers reduce the physical footprint and there is also less light pollution.

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