Milk Prism: New applications for milk-derived components

Many components that are present in milk have nutritional and functional values and health-promoting properties. To ensure that the components retain as much of their basic natural characteristics during the processing of milk, Dutch dairy giant FrieslandCampina has developed an innovative process called the 'Milk Prism'.

Milk Prism FriselandCampina

Milk Prism FriselandCampina

Image: Photo Bart van Overbeeke


Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to adopt a new starting point for milk processing. Instead of taking ten kilograms of milk to make a single kilogram of cheese, FrieslandCampina uses its new technology to separate milk into exceptionally pure, individual, high quality product streams. This innovation enables the company to concentrate on, and isolate, specific milk ingredients that are needed for a particular application, such as casein for cheese production. After an initial test phase, the first installation was put into production in the Netherlands in 2010. FrieslandCampina focuses its innovation on producing healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and tasty food, in which the dietary advantages of milk, in particular, are optimised, and CO2 in the production process is minimised.