A new future for aesthetically challenged produce

Too fat, too thin, too damaged, too lumpy or too crooked. About 10% of vegetables in the Netherlands are thrown away because they do not satisfy accepted norms, even though there is nothing wrong with the way they taste. Kromkommer (literally ‘crooked cucumber’) saves these vegetables and turns them into something new, such as soup.


Beauty is skin-deep

The Dutch company sells their product at some 200 sales points. Fundamental to combating this wastage, according to Kromkommer, is collaboration with other partners. To this end, the ‘Krommunity’ has come into existence, an association of parties across the whole of the food chain: from growers and restaurants to shops and, of course, the consumer.

On store shelves

In 2018, Kromkommer hopes to get the first unsorted Kromkommer fruit and vegetables on store shelves. After all, at the end of the day, who’s going to notice whether the cucumber in your salad is crooked or not?