With steady population growth, increasing urbanisation, and better living standards around the world, municipal waste and sewer systems are coming under increasing pressure. When the public is not motivated to separate its waste, fat and oils end up in the sewer creating a negative impact on the environment.



Costly water purification

Pouring fat and oil down drains rather than recycling comes with economic consequences: removal of fat deposits from sewers costs a staggering 2.70 euros per kilogram. In the Netherlands there is legislation that stipulates that 5% biofuel must be added to ordinary diesel. Biofuel is 15-times cleaner than diesel.

Convenient home recycling

However, there is the FatCube (VetVat – Dutch language only) invented by Dutchman, Bob Goulooze. Designed to solve this problem, the FatCube lets households easily and cleanly separate their waste oils and fats for recycling. The unit has been designed for ease of use, to ensure that smells and aromas are contained, and so that the unit is not an eyesore on kitchen counters, or in cupboards.

By being able to dispose of fats and oils in an convenient, environmentally responsible way, consumers can contribute to the lowering of CO2 levels in the environment. More and more governments and municipalities are tightening-up on disposal and spillage of oils and fats and responsibility is being passed back to the marketplace to develop effective, environmentally friendly disposal solutions. The FatCube enables oils to be easily collected and reused, thereby saving resources and cutting fossil fuel dependency. Fat processing companies could convert the stored fat into biofuels.

Sustainable Urban Delta

The inherent complexities and pressures associated with densely populated urban areas are second nature to the Dutch. Over many centuries, authorities, industries, knowledge institutes, and citizens have striven to develop integrated approaches and a holistic vision to enable sustainable development of the urban environment – the Sustainable Urban Delta.