Farming the Future

What if we could use innovative Dutch technology to turn drought-stricken regions into fertile farmland? Or enable farmers to grow more delicious and nutritious potatoes from disease-free seeds? Or to gain insights into the health and wellbeing of their cattle by employing artificial intelligence? Farming the Future highlights the Netherlands’ contribution to the global efforts in achieving food security and improved nutrition. The international campaign showcases the knowledge and  expertise of the Dutch Agrifood and Horticultural sectors in promoting a sustainable food system and creating social and economic opportunities worldwide. The campaign’s objectives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Continue below to read about some of the innovative examples.

Farming the Future

Logo Farming the Future

Through Farming the Future, the Netherlands calls for greater cooperation between businesses, governments and knowledge institutions to improve processes, accelerate innovation and reduce climate impact across the supply chains – reflecting the country’s ambition to transition to circular agriculture by 2030.

Contributing knowledge and experience

The Dutch Agri-food and Horticulture sectors are eager to contribute their extensive knowledge and experience in creating a circular agricultural system that guarantees food security and generates economic opportunities. Experience has shown us that the best solutions are found by observing, listening and understanding the complete picture. This drives us to seek further connections in addressing challenges around the world.

To communicate our potential to the rest of the world, Dutch public and private parties have come together to create an overarching campaign showcasing how we in the Netherlands Farm the Future. Through real-world examples, we demonstrate our extensive knowledge, expertise and creativity in solving today’s challenges.