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Improving food security with insect-based products

Protix Biosystems

A rapidly growing globally population and limited resources for food production means that we must look for smarter methods of producing much needed proteins. Protix Biosystems tackles the challenges of food security for both humans and animals, and reduces organic waste in the process. To achieve this, it has developed EntoTechnology for the production of insect-based products: simple, scalable, controllable systems that harness the power of insects. These products include insect-based meals and high-concentration protein products that can be used in the production of food for humans, animal feed, and pharmaceuticals. Protix cultivates insect larvae for the extraction of proteins and fats, and does this in a sustainable manner. Protix' technology not only provides an answer to increasing food and feed demands on limited land surface, the technology also helps to dispose of biological waste materials in an effective manner, creating value from waste. Protix received the Technology Pioneer Award 2015 from World Economic Forum.

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