Effective Pesticide Reduction: Wingssprayer

New technique improves effectiveness of spraying

Enhances productivity and reduces pesticide and herbicide use by 25%

It is estimated that current population growth demands a doubling of global food production with only half of the necessary food resources available. Wingssprayer is a new pesticide delivery system that enhances productivity and reduces pesticide and herbicide use by 25%. The wing mechanism serves to open up the plants, providing improved penetration to lower leaves and ceramic spray-tips produce tiny droplets that do not roll-off the plant leaves as tends to happen with large droplets. As opposed to airplane wings, Wingssprayer does not generate upwards force, but downward airstreams, or down-force. These airstreams make sure that the fine droplets go straight into the deepest parts of the crops. Spraying in windy conditions is always tricky and can lead to significant wastage due to drift into the surrounding area. The wing acts as a buffer and stops crosswinds, resulting in less wastage. As a result, chemical emissions are reduced by 99 per cent. This makes the new Dutch innovation an optimal crop protection system, at low costs, and a top global environmentally friendly technology. The Wingssprayer system is capable of being mounted onto every spraying machine on the market today.