Dopper – A Bottle With A Message

If you live in Holland, you’ve probably seen a Dopper at work, in the train or in the gym. This durable water bottle has become part of everyday life and has grown into a foundation that works to increase access to safe drinking around the world.


The Dopper bottle for tap water is made out of recycled plastic. Dopper founder and CEO Merijn Everaarts once saw a documentary about the huge amount of plastic that makes its way into the world’s oceans.

"I also noticed how many plastic mineral water bottles are thrown away every day, even though in many countries the best drinking water simply comes from the tap," says Everaarts, "This certainly made me feel uncomfortable. I just had to do something about it!"

'Perfect reusable bottle'

In 2010, he launched a design competition to find "the perfect reusable bottle for drinking water". Rinke van Remortel, a Technology graduate, won that competition. The design is easy to keep clean and very durable. Moreover, when you turn the bottle on its cap, you’re putting tap water on a pedestal, which is the Dopper philosophy. The first bottles were sold that same year, and the launch came with a lot of media attention for the plastic problem.

Dopper uses the circular cradle-to-cradle concept; where waste is reduced to a minimum by recycling to the maximum. They also stimulate people to fill the Dopper with potable tap water, rather than always buying plastic bottles with mineral water.

Social enterprise

Over the past years, Dopper has grown into a social enterprise. They aim to make people conscious of the effects of single-use plastic on the environment. And through the Dopper Foundation, Dopper aims to increase access to safe drinking water around the world. The foundation works with local partners and NGOs on education and drinking water projects.