Manus VR Partner Up with NASA

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular both for (serious) gaming and simulations. Dutch firm Manus VR, which developed the first consumer data glove, has entered a partnership with NASA to train astronauts in augmented reality situations. Nasa has developed software recreating the International Space Station in virtual form. The Manus VR enables astronauts to train interactively in a realistic training environment.

The Manus VR glove development kit

The Manus VR glove development kit

The startup from Eindhoven has made it its mission to make VR data glove available to everyone. A few years ago, data gloves were so expensive it was a commodity for big companies. Now consumer products in virtual reality are outdoing and outperforming bulky expensive hardware from the past with a more immersive and intuitive experience. As a result both NASA and the average gamer now have access to the same cutting-edge technology.

Open source

Manus VR uses open innovation practices, through sharing knowledge and experience. For this reason it has developed open-source SDK which is accessible by everyone. The Manus VR glove has countless possibilities extending far beyond virtual reality. The glove can be programmed to interact with smart devices and robots.


Manus VR was one of 12 startups selected from 10,000 participants in the Dutch StartupBootcamp High Tech XL in October 2014. In just three months, the programme accelerated the firm enabling it to fund the development of its prototype into a fully-fledged product and expand its customer base with leading partners.

VR Tracking

“This is an amazing opportunity to showcase what the Manus VR glove can do for VR, AR and Mixed Reality. NASA is looking forward to work with the upcoming Manus VR development kit and the Manus VR Tracking Bracelet for SteamVR Tracking.” says Manus’ PR manager Bob Vlemmix.