Dutch Smart Speaker Lets You Donate Money With a Clap of Your Hands

Netherlands start-up company Volareo has developed the world’s first smart speaker with blockchain technology. Besides streaming music wirelessly to the device, users can also donate money to their favorite bands with a clap of their hands.


Volareo's smart speaker

The Volareo smart speaker allows the consumer to instantly show support for their favorite musician and band with one or more simple claps of the hand. With each clap of approval, musicians receive a donation in a cryptocurrency called Musicoin. Musicians can either use the Musicoins to buy goods online or exchange them for cash. Visit the Muscoin website for more in-depth information.

The blockchain technology keeps track of the payments and the songs the user is listening to. It also gives the musicians the possibilities to use the data as a marketing research tool. They can see who listens to their music and how often, while giving them insight about which region their music is most popular and the listener’s favorite music genre.

You can compare blockchain technology to what the internet is for email. It is a carrier for information stored in a central place. However, unlike a centralized database, blockchain information is saved in several places and brought together when needed. The Netherlands is very active in the development and implementation of blockchain in the healthcare sector and energy sector to name a few.

Serious competitor

Although still in its crowdfunding phase, the Volareo smart speaker is already considered a serious competitor to the already established Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple’s HomePod. What makes it more innovative compared to the other devices is its open platform. It allows creators, developers, blockchain partners and voice commerce to develop products in an open-source environment.