Big Data for Product Development

Since its beginnings as a Dutch start-up, hotel booking website has grown exponentially to become one of the world's leading e-commerce companies. They successfully leverage consumer behaviour data to continuously optimise their website and mobile apps.

As technological advances propel us toward new ways of living and working, many new possibilities and opportunities are created. Turning big data into a valuable resource is a challenge that many online platforms face.

Employees in the driver’s seat

With a singular mandate to focus on the customer experience and complete freedom to test new ideas, employees are in the driver's seat for all of the company's innovations. This data-driven, democratic approach to product development yields up to 1,000 small-step experiments on a daily basis that drive industry-leading breakthroughs. currently has around 21 million bookable rooms across 820,000 unique properties. Its unique properties (except hotel and vacation rentals) grew by 32% and accommodated 137 million guests over the last 12 months.

950,000 rooms a day

Each day, over 950,000 room nights are reserved on Its current position as industry leader is down to being able to offer the widest number of options to travellers, as well as not charging a booking fee (most competitors charge around 5% to 15%) and instantly confirming reservations, as opposed to a 24-hour confirmation period implemented by other websites.

Sustainable Urban Delta

The inherent complexities and pressures associated with densely populated urban areas are second nature to the Dutch. Over many centuries, authorities, industries, knowledge institutes, and citizens have striven to develop integrated approaches and a holistic vision to enable sustainable development of the urban environment – the Sustainable Urban Delta.