Blendle: New Model for Media Consumption

Media consumers conventionally need to commit to one or more content publishers via subscription packages to consume the information that they desire, but with on-going developments in the television and music industries, primarily in the form of streaming, this traditional business model is rapidly becoming out-dated.



Blendle, developed and launched initially in the Netherlands, is an online platform that changes the way news content is distributed and monetised. Users have a choice of individual articles from a large variety of news sources. In Blendle's pay-per-view system, articles are priced at an average of 20 eurocents. Users can ask for a refund if the content did not meet their expectations. Blendle is a game-changer, offering new opportunities for new distributors to reach target audiences. Blendle’s selective targeting means that consumers can find the sort of premium journalism that they find most interesting, without having to subscribe to the broader content, and proves that micropayments can work as a model for journalism, as well as for music.