The Innovative Power of The Dutch Solar PV Sector

The Netherlands has a long tradition of using sustainable energy and continues to be a leading innovator in this field. Solar energy is fast gaining ground in the Netherlands and worldwide. The Dutch are eager to share their knowledge on this subject. Discover how Dutch sustainable solar techniques are making a difference worldwide.

Luna5 solar car

The Dutch government encourages the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands. Renewable energy is better for the environment, makes the Netherlands less dependent on fossil fuels and is beneficial to the economy.

Dutch solar sector

The Dutch Solar sector is blossoming. Sales of Dutch solar systems is expanding exponentially, mainly due to investment in research-and-development and innovation.  The Dutch industry is a leader in technology and a worldwide supplier of high-tech equipment –the majority of the solar panels produced worldwide have Dutch technology inside. Dutch research has also contributed to more knowledge and use of thin-film, of building integrated systems, applications in infrastructure and in the environment.  New techniques such as floating PV with bi-facial crystalline Silicon and layered solar systems being able to take up energy from the different hues of the colour spectrum for more efficiency.

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Together with the TKI Urban Energy, RVO made a film to promote the Dutch solar PV sector abroad. This film shows the power of Dutch innovation to stimulate cooperation with international companies.

Please contact RVO or TKI urban energy for more information.