Power Plants: Electricity generation from living plants

Plant-e generates electricity from living plants via unique, innovative technology. The technology makes it possible to generate electricity at any scale without harvesting the plants, thus generating electricity day and night, summer and winter.


Plant-e scheme


Ultimately, Plant-e's technology can produce electricity in any type of wetland, whilst preserving the original landscape function. The technology is based on natural processes and is safe for both the plant and its environment. Plant growth is uncompromised by the harvesting of the electricity, so plants keep on growing while electricity is concurrently produced. This means that it is possible to generate electricity in the same area where food is produced, or where nature is protected. The first plant power products have already been introduced to the market for small-scale applications such as lighting LED-lights and powering WiFi hotspots. Plant-e’s modular systems enable green roofs to be created that provide power to the building underneath it. This system not only generates sustainable electricity, but also provides other environmental advantages such as insulation, water storage, and improved biodiversity.

Plant-e result

Result: Guardrail lighting in Ede, The Netherlands

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