Energy Marketplace: Locally generated energy security

To secure energy needs for the future it is essential that we consume locally generated, renewable energy. Vandebron (Dutch for ‘from the source’) is the first online marketplace where consumers can buy renewable energy (wind, bio and solar) direct from the source.

Full transparency with regard to the source

Vandebron offers full transparency with regard to the source of the renewable energy and provides detailed insights into what the consumer is actually paying for. The majority of conventional energy companies have a double business model: they earn a fixed amount per month plus they earn a margin on the electricity they sell. Vandebron has only a single model based on the fixed-price scenario, without a margin above that. By investing in locally generated, sustainable energy sources, consumers generally save money through not having to pay the prices charged by energy providers with high margins. They also help stimulate local sustainable energy producers by allowing them to invest in new technologies, diversifying, for example, from bio-energy, into solar. Around 40,000 homes are already hooked up to Vandebron and, as more and more people switch to sustainable energy, this allows ever-greater investment to be made in sustainable sources.

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The windmill of Jaap and Feikje in Molkwerum

The windmill of Jaap and Feikje is located next to their small 18th century farmhouse and sheep stable in Molkwerum, and generates electricity for about 575 households.