Addressing Energy Poverty in the Developing World: WakaWaka

Bringing light into the darkness of off-grid communities

Energy-efficient solar LED lamp

The energy-efficient WakaWaka solar LED lamp addresses energy poverty in the developing world, and the socio-economic challenges that accompany it. WakaWaka, meaning ‘clear light’ in Swahili, develops off-grid solar-powered lamps and chargers that are high-tech, yet low-cost. This Dutch company markets its products primarily in the developing world for bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers for whom electricity is often not readily available. In these areas, WakaWaka's products - based on patented solar technology - can replace highly inefficient and dangerous paraffin lamps. Access to electricity can raise people's standard of living; WakaWaka accomplishes this in terms of the contribution the product makes to health and safety, the environment, improved social cohesion, education, and economic impact through cost savings. Better light can mean that schoolchildren can study effectively, achieve better results and even go on to earn better incomes and thus support their community more effectively.

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WakaWaka energy efficient solar led lamp