Waste as an asset

Climate change, growth of the world population, shortage of raw materials and fast-growing cities lead worldwide to the necessity to change the behaviour towards the use of water, energy and waste materials.

An integrated approach and circular solution for water, energy, and waste re-use in a sustainable metropolis

 Climate change, a steadily increasing global population, shortage of raw materials, and fast-growing cities all demand that we change the way we utilise resources such as water, energy, and waste materials. In response to this challenge, the Dutch proposed a coordinated and integrated solution for water, energy and waste management. The Amsterdam Water Company’s wastewater treatment plant produces slurry and biogas as a result of its treatment processes. By delivering the slurry and biogas to the Amsterdam Waste-to-Energy Company’s energy plant, the water company receives a substantial amount of heat energy in return. This circular approach benefits the environment, quality of life, and the economy.

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Waste package