The Netherlands - a Circular Hotspot

The Netherlands is in transition. The government wants the country is to switch to a 100% circular economy by 2050. Innovative entrepreneurs are the key to developing a circular economy. They will not only benefit from the effects, they will also participate fully in the change.

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Rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle

The world is facing huge challenges. With a growing population, man can no longer afford to live in an economy based on the linear model in which raw materials are used to make products which eventually end up on the rubbish tip. The four Rs - Rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle - is the new adagium.

Independent sources

War and instability has led to turmoil across the world at a scale we have not seen in our lifetimes. As a result the realisation has grown that producers need to seek sources of raw materials which are independent of political upheaval. Today’s companies are looking to reduce their business risk, while bringing down costs at the same time.


Raw materials are becoming scarcer therefore more expensive, and the raw material produced from recycling has less value. So in future products will be made in such a way that recycling has already been taken into account. Waste products will be upcycled rather than recycled - in other words they will  be dismantled and given a new purpose.

Future proof

In a circular economy nothing goes to waste. We have seen it in nature all along. Man needs to close the loop and become future proof. Now the Dutch hope to become The Netherlands Circular Hotspot.