Sustainer Homes provide Cradle2Cradle container accommodation

In response to the growing world population and shortage of affordable housing, Dutch company Sustainer Homes b.v. has designed the first fully independent, sustainable and comfortable container homes based on the Cradle2Cradle principles.

Building sustainer homes, work in progress

Sustainer Homes BV

A Sustainer Home is modular, mobile, and smart and utilises solar panels, wind turbines, and rainwater collection to produce all its own energy and water supplies. It can generate enough energy for a regular household and is kept comfortably warm due to a high-efficiency heat pump, combined with high quality insulation that also keeps it cool inside in summer. Rainwater is collected from the roof and filtered so that it is safe to drink. Wastewater is filtered through a helophyte filter before being released into the ground. This development makes it possible to live anywhere, while having enough energy and resources to enjoy life comfortably. Off-grid living, thus, becomes a possibility, giving people the option to settle where they wish.

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Building sustainer homes

Placing the sustainer home anywhere you like

The interior of a Sustainer home

Take a look at the inside of a sustainer home