Phytonext Extraction Technology

Creating value from agricultural waste streams

Salvaging ingredients from conventional waste streams

As our conventional resources become pressurised due to climate change and population growth, we need to look at where we can salvage valuable ingredients from conventional waste streams. The agriculture sector's many waste streams that are produced as a result of harvesting and processing crops, contain valuable chemicals that are otherwise disposed of. Phytonext is a novel technology that is particularly suited for selective extraction of phytochemicals from natural material, such as vegetables. Many of these phytochemicals have functional properties that can provide a viable substitute for a number of synthetic chemicals currently in use. These phytochemicals can, therefore, provide natural solutions for the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries. Phytonext not only extracts selectively, it is capable of ‘engineering’ particles in a controlled manner. It can immediately formulate the extract according to the desired specifications. Advantages are: enhanced selectivity of the extraction, no acidification of extract, low pressure and low energy consumption.

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