Park 20|20 - World's First Cradle to Cradle Inspired Work Environment

The Park 20|20 business park is currently under construction near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. It will be the world's first fully operating Cradle-to-Cradle inspired working environment.

Interieur Park 20|20 gebouw

Lobby van het Park 20|20 gebouw

Park 20|20 is a uniquely sustainable business site with around 88,000 square meters of offices and 3500 square meters of facilities. One of its most important aspects focuses on the wellbeing of people and creating an inspiring, healthy and productive work environment. The park runs entirely on renewable energy and other sustainable assets like heat and cold storage, and photovoltaic cells. The area also contains a water purification system using helophyte filters.

Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle recognizes that nature follows an ingenious cycle in which waste does not exist. With that in mind – and even before the structures were build - Park 20|20 planned which materials can be reused after the buildings are disassembled.

By taking into account how a building could be disassembled (circular design) during the design phase, a circular approach can be applied to the work environment. This is what is happening at Park 20|20, the materials used are biodegradable or can be reused for different products.

Focus points

For Park 20|20, their focus lies on the following aspects:

  • Design for disassembly: It is important that buildings are made of reusable materials. Buildings are not worthless after their life cycle, but rather a valuable asset.
  • Productivity and health: Research shows that buildings at Park 20|20 increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  • Materials passport: A materials passport is created for each individual building, indicating what and where certain materials are applied, how much has been used and how the building can be dismantled.
  • Lease products: The products are rented instead of purchased. This ensures lower acquisition costs for a building.

Circular economy

The Dutch with their character and attitude of reinvention have undertaken to achieve a 100% circular economy by 2050. We see it as crucial for economic growth, but moreover that it improves the well-being of society as a whole. The Netherlands intends to become a living lab, generating and disseminating information on the transformation into a future-proof world. The Netherlands has launched the Netherlands Circular Hotspot (NLCH) so that we can leave behind a livable earth for future generations.