OCAP: Using Waste CO2 For Food Production

In response to the vast amount of carbon-dioxide emissions produced by many industries, OCAP has found a way to re-utilise this greenhouse gas, somewhat paradoxically, for greenhouse plant production, hence contributing to the reduction of CO2 in the environment.

Organic carbon dioxide for assimilation of plants

OCAP stands for Organic Carbon-dioxide for Assimilation of Plants. The application of CO2 speeds plant growth, leads to higher yields and better quality plants. OCAP captures carbon dioxide waste emissions from industrial areas, such as the oil refineries at Pernis, in the harbour area of the Port of Rotterdam, and transports this to greenhouse horticulture farmers in the surrounding areas. The CO2 is compressed and transported via an existing pipeline. OCAP supplies over 400 kilotons of CO2 per year to approximately 580 greenhouse horticulture companies. OCAP aims to further expand the supply by including CO2 from other industrial sources.


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