Coffee cups made of compost

Compost to compost, without any loss of energy. In short, that’s what the Stack-It project - developed by the Dutch company Moonen Packaging - is all about.

Stack-It cups

Stack-It cups

How it works

Disposable coffee cups made from waste sugar cane are collected, stacked (to save space) and, through a process of fermentation, turned into compost and biogas. This compost is then used as a fertiliser for other plants, which are then turned into coffee cups.

Bio fuel

What’s more, the biogas is used to power the vans that transport the cups. If more coffee roasters start supplying these sugar cane cups and more businesses start using them, the coffee cups can be recycled ad infinitum.

Circular economy

The Dutch, with their character and attitude of reinvention have undertaken to achieve a 100% circular economy by 2050. We see it as crucial for economic growth, but moreover that it improves the well-being of society as a whole. Netherlands intends to become a living lab, generating and disseminating information on the transformation into a future-proof world. The Netherlands has launched the Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) so that we can leave behind a liveable earth for future generations.

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