Feline Innovation

Cats and the environment, two things the world cares about – at least on the internet. Dutch company, Poopy Cat, combined both: a biodegradable litterbox together with an assortment of sustainable cat related products.

A cat uses 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of litter per year, resulting in about 1 billion kilograms (2.2 billion pounds) of litter annually just in north-western Europe alone. Most of that litter is derived from minerals which are difficult to compost and that reduce the efficiency of waste incinerators. Poopy Cat’s biodegradable litterboxes are good for Mother Earth, your cat, feline offspring and other future furry critters.

Biodegradable litterbox

The Amsterdam-based company Poopy Cat started selling their environmental-friendly litterboxes back in 2013. The litter is made out of recycled industrial wood and the box itself is produced from recycled cardboard. As an added bonus you don’t have to clean out the box every day. You can fold the box with the litter and throw it in the trash - or bury it in the yard if you feel like it. Mother Nature will take care of the rest.

According to Poopy Cat, each litterbox will last 1 week. But not to worry, you won’t have to rush to the pet store to buy a new box every week. The folks at Poopy offer a litterbox subscription service, meaning you have a fresh batch of 4 litterboxes delivered right to your door every month.

Sustainable play houses

After seeking litterbox world-domination, Poopy Cat ventured out into sustainable kitty playhouses. These houses are also made out of recycled cardboard. The creations come in all shapes and sizes, including Dutch canal houses and the Taj Mahal. For those presidential felines, Poopy Cat recreated the White House and the Kremlin from cardboard. The houses are strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry that your furry friend will create an international incident by destroying any political or culturally sensitive buildings.

Each play house and litterbox are individually tested by the 3 resident cats – Mushi, Cheesy and Olly. And because size matters, a local large feline tested their XXL litterbox.

Viral promotion

The Netherlands-based company reached out for help from the world-famouse musical ensemble Poopy Cat Dolls to market their products. The group is best known for their smash-hit video ‘Do you want my purr purr’, which went viral faster then the speed of paws when it was released (326,000 YouTube views and counting).

To stick with the environmentally-friendly subject, Poopy Cat founder Thomas Vlas and some of his furry employees cycled 300 miles/ 483 kilometers from the Lowland to the UK, to open up the company’s ‘Poop-up store’ (really?!) promoting their sustainable products in central London.

It goes without saying that Poopy Cat is second to none when it comes to environmentally-friendly products, their viral promotions and innovative workplace.